AWANA / OANSA (Español)

is a nondenominational youth ministry committed to “reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him.” The heartbeat of Awana is reaching children around the world with the good news that Jesus Christ loves them and can save them from sin. Each week, more than one million boys and girls in over 110 countries attend Awana clubs where they play games, memorize Bible verses and listen to Bible stories.

From preschool to high school, children and youth have fun while being taught the Word of God. The weekly Awana clubs all function basically
the same way. A 90-minute to two-hour club session features three segments: Game Time, Handbook Time and Council Time. During Game Time, boys and girls play games on the unique Awana Game Square. In
Handbook Time, children work through age-appropriate handbooks
memorizing Bible verses and doing activities ranging from patriotism to
community service. They earn awards based on their work. The final
segment, Council Time, consists of singing, puppets, Bible stories and
lessons based on Christian principles. Besides weekly meetings, other Awana activities occur throughout the year.

AwanaGames competitions bring area churches together to compete in games. Bible Quiz meets allow kids to test their knowledge of scrip-ture. Each summer, over 9,000 young people attend 40 Awana Scholarship Camps across America and Canada.